Reseda pawn shop sees dramatic increase in business despite inflation cooling down

While inflation has cooled slightly, people still pay a lot more for basic necessities. San Fernando Valley’s oldest pawn shop said it’s seen an increase in the number of people coming in to sell valuables and get loans. Jasmine Viel reports.

Good Day LA: Traders Celebrates 70 Years!

Traders Loan and Jewelry turns 70

The oldest pawn shop in the San Fernando Valley celebrated its 70th anniversary. Original article on Fox

Welcome, Good Day LA!

We’re so excited to welcome the crew from Good Day LA on Wednesday, June 5th starting at 7am. Watch the live stream (or recording) at! 

San Fernando Valley’s oldest pawnshop, Traders Loan and Jewelry, hits 70

With everything from motorcycles to diamonds, it is L.A.’s only pawnshop allowed to sell guns Owner Diane Taylor expects a lot of customers at her daylong bash in Reseda on Saturday, May 18, to celebrate the 70th birthday of Traders Loan & Jewelry, which she says is a staple in[…]

You’re Invited to Traders 70th Anniversary Event!

Save the date! We’re the oldest pawn shop in the valley since 1954 and are proud to celebrate 70 years of business. Join our celebration on May 18 from 11:30am-4pm. Please RSVP to Diane at 818.345.8696 We hope to see you there!    

Traders Loan & Jewelry: Your Ultimate Destination for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

As the holiday season approaches, Traders Loan & Jewelry, the oldest pawn shop in the San Fernando Valley, emerges as your go-to destination for those final holiday purchases. Our legacy, dating back to 1954, ensures you receive not only a piece of history with each purchase but also the assurance[…]

Traders Loan & Jewelry’s Exclusive End-of-Season Sale: Your Chance to Own Luxury for Less

  Looking for unbeatable deals on fine jewelry and designer watches? Your search ends here! One of San Fernando Valley’s hidden shopping gems, Traders Loan & Jewelry is a haven for jewelry lovers and luxury enthusiasts. This renowned store, known for its impeccable collection and unmatched prices, has recently announced[…]

A Guide To Understanding Gold Stamps, Purity And Value

Understanding the value of your gold can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, gold can have stamps that indicate its purity and value. But what about broken gold jewelry? Or vintage gold without a stamp? This guide will help you understand the value of your gold jewelry. […]

Eco-Friendly Shopping In The San Fernando Valley

Did you know that the US is the #1 trash-producing country in the world? Each person produces about 1600 pounds of garbage per year. Aside from other trash, Americans dispose of many items that can be reused. What if you could get paid to recycle? Laptops, tools, luxury items –[…]

How Consumers Use Traders’ Layaway Program to Beat Inflation

How Consumers Use Traders’ Layaway Program to Beat Inflation Since 1954, consumers in the San Fernando Valley have turned to Traders Loan and Jewelry whenever they are looking to save money on things like fine jewelry, guns, designer watches, luxury handbags, and more.   Now, costs are rising with inflation and[…]

Carbon-Conscious Consumers Find Selection, Value, and Sustainability at Trader’s Jewelry and Loan

Pawnshops have existed for thousands of years but are at the forefront of today’s hottest retail trend—sustainability. According to ThredUp’s 2022 Resale Report, “consumers are prioritizing sustainability, retailers are starting to embrace resale, and policymakers are getting on board with the circular economy.” Carbon-conscious consumers in Reseda, California, have a[…]

Expert Tips for Selling Gold Jewelry at a Pawn Shop in San Fernando Valley

If you have gold jewelry and need cash, you’ll find that there are many choices in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles. Selling gold jewelry to a pawnshop nearby can be fast and convenient. Buyer beware; there are some essential things that you should know if you’re planning[…]

10 Valuable Gemstones to Look For at a Pawn Shop

When you shop for gems and jewelry at local pawns shops, you really never know what you’re going to find. We, however, can help at least help you know what to look out for. Just take a look below to see the 10 most valuable gemstones you might find when[…]

Why You Should Buy Pawn Shop Diamond Rings

Looking for a stunning diamond ring for someone remarkably special in your life? Take a look below to see why you should buy it, and all your diamond rings, at our pawn shop, Traders Loan and Jewelry. Value In terms of both quality and cost, pawn shop diamond rings are[…]

There is No Coin Shortage at Traders Loan & Jewelry

Lately everywhere you go all you hear is people talking about the impacts of everything that’s happened the past year, including news of mysterious coin shortages everywhere. We’re not sure why that’s the rumor though because here at Traders Loan and Jewelry, our inventory of authentic gold and silver coins[…]

Finding and Selecting the Highest Quality Jewelry at Pawn Shops

Looking to find the highest quality jewelry at your local pawn shops? We’ll show you how so long as you promise to make Traders Loan and Jewelry, the Valleys oldest and best pawn shop and jewelry store, your very first stop! Embrace The Power of Pre-Owed While there are plenty[…]

How Long Do Pawn Shops Hold Items Before Selling?

When it comes to narrowing down how long pawn shops hold items before they end up on the shelves again for purchase, there really are no definitive answers. Every pawn shop is different, and the only way to know for sure how one does business is to ask. However, we[…]

Finding The Best Deals On Guns Near Me

Excited to look for great deals on guns near you? Traders Loan and Jewelry can help you find the best! Browse Online Shopping online is likely the most convenient way to browse all the local guns for sale near you and see what catches your eye because you don’t even[…]

New Gun Restrictions in California in 2020

While most would definitely admit to hating it, one of the most important things gun owners are required to do is keep up with all the different gun laws and restrictions that are passed in California. Doing so ensures legal protections for lawful citizens and arms owners, and greater safety[…]

The Trick To Finding a Gun or Gun Accessories During Scarce Times

It’s no secret that guns and ammunition everywhere have just about sold out across the country, and that anything that is left over has suffered from immense inflation. We just hope that during times when weapons, accessories, and ammunition are so scarce, you understand that this too shall all pass,[…]

The Best Things to Pawn to Earn the Most Money

Want to earn the most money the next time you’re looking to pawn something? Our list below can tell you all the most profitable items to part with first! Jewelry/ Watches From precious metals, to precious gemstones, people are willing to spend incredible amounts of money on watches and jewelry[…]

An Overview of California-Compliant Guns

Just because every American in this country has the right to bear arms, doesn’t mean that all firearms are legal. In fact, there are quite a few regulations in place to determine what kinds of weapons average citizens are allowed to own, particularly in California – and they’re very strict.[…]

The Top 10 Designer Handbags Worth the Investment

Whether you’re an avid collector of quality designer handbags, or you want to make sure your first purchase is a smart one, our team at Traders Loan & Jewelry is all about ensuring your satisfaction. So please, take a glance below at our list of what we consider to be[…]

Why Pawn Shop Prices For the Same Items Vary?

We’ve said it many times and we’ll never stop: every pawn shop is unique – and that includes the way things are priced, pawned, and purchased. Why Do Pawn Shop Prices Vary So Much? It really all has to do with overall experience and item knowledge. Say, for instance, you[…]

Buying a Gun From a Pawn Shop

Whether you’ve only ever purchased your firearms from a specialized gun store before, or you’re looking to purchase your first firearm ever, the following tips can help ensure your experience buying a gun from a pawn shop is always a positive one. Make Sure The Pawn Shop Is Legit In[…]

Pawn Shops that Sell Guns

There are plenty of gun stores around Los Angeles that just sell guns and nothing more – and then there are pawn shops, like Traders Loan and Jewelry, that can do so much more for you. In fact, we alone are Los Angeles only new gun dealer to be licensed[…]

Protection of Self is Your Right as an American – Traders Loan and Jewelry Can Help Keep You Safe

While there have always been mixed feelings and opinions surrounding firearms, when handled safely and legally, guns can actually be a wonderful hobby – not to mention an unparalleled means of protection for your family. The right to bear arms is even covered in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights as[…]

The 8 Best Items to Sell or Pawn for Quick Cash in Los Angeles, California in 2020

Live in Los Angeles, California, and want to make some quick cash? Take a look below to see eight of the most popular, valuable items you can pawn or sell here at Traders Loan and Jewelry in 2020! Jewelry No matter what your style is, any old gold, silver, or[…]

Before You Take Out a Payday Loan – Stop into Traders Loan and Jewelry

Looking for fast cash but don’t want to deal with the long-term consequences? A payday loan is the last option you should consider. Sure the fact that you don’t need to pass a credit check is great, but the trade off is extremely high interest rates – like up to[…]

The Top 5 Items That Pawn Shop Owners Love to Buy

Pawn shops are always interested in the rare, unique, and extraordinary. However, there are several specific items that will always catch a pawn shop owner’s eye, and are certain to fetch you the best value if you choose to sell or pawn. Designer Items If you have a high quality[…]

What to Look for When Picking Out a High-Quality Watch

If you have an affinity for the finer things in life, picking out a new, high-quality watch can be quite the challenge. You need something that suits your personality, but also something that’s going to last, and many watches made today are manufactured in mass using cheap materials to meet[…]

What You Should Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring at a Pawn Shop

An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry a person can buy. After all, it’s a symbol of pure love. However, getting gouged in a jewelry store by people trying to take advantage of your desperation to impress that special someone is the least romantic thing[…]

Turn Your Jewelry Into Cash Or a Loan

Happen to have a lot of old jewelry lying around from old gifts and impulse purchases you’re not quite sure what to do with anymore? How about you turn your jewelry into cash, or a loan, now at Traders Loan and Jewelry! Why Trust A Pawn Shop With Your Jewelry?[…]

We Offer Fast Cash Loans

Knowing where to turn if/when you need fast cash, whether it’s for an unexpected emergency, or a great investment opportunity, is critical – and going to a bank isn’t always an option. Our pawnbrokers at Traders Loan and Jewelry, on the other hand, are always here to lend some safe[…]

How Does a Title Pawn Work in California?

If you are looking for a massive surge of cash for whatever reason, a title pawn might just be exactly what you’re looking for. What Is A Title Pawn? Well, to pawn something means to use it as collateral to secure a loan, so a title pawn (often called car[…]

Should I Buy Jewelry from a Pawn Shop?

At Traders Loan and Jewelry, we always have incredible jewelry in stock. If you’re feeling hesitation about whether or not you should buy jewelry from a pawn shop though, that’s a totally different concern, in which case you should take a look below at all the reasons why you should![…]

Do Pawn Shops Take Anything?

Whether you desperately need some extra cash, or you just want to take full advantage of your spring-cleaning by earning cash for the things you’re getting rid of anyway, pawn shops are an excellent place to start! Before you try to just unload all your junk onto a poor pawnbroker[…]

What Can You Sell at a Pawn Shop?

Pawn shops are a great for discovering financing opportunities that offer zero risk, inconvenience, or consequence. However, if you’ve never been to a pawn shop before, you might be wondering what exactly you can sell, or at least what types of items are going to garner the greatest value –[…]

Selling and Buying Guns From a Pawn Shop

Although most people like to believe what they see on TV, pawn shops are where shady people buy and sell unregistered weapons for criminal purposes, the reality of buying and selling firearms from pawn shops is a lot less “Hollywood.” If you’re at all interested in buying or selling a[…]

Traders Loan & Jewelry Buys and Sells Almost Any Item of Value

One of the most incredible things about pawn shops is the exceptional variety of items you can find in stock. Truly, our inventory at Traders Loan and Jewelry alone is enough to impress virtually any person at all because we buy and sell almost any item of value we can[…]

Busting Misconceptions About Pawn Shops

In today’s world, despite the fact that we have incredible technology at the tips of our fingers, it can sometimes seem like the more people talk, the less people really know. Facts start to become muddled, and soon, pawn shops start gaining bad reputations for selling stolen merchandise and being[…]

What Happens if I Do Not Return to Reclaim my Pawned Item?

With a lot of pawn shops out there giving honest, hardworking pawnbrokers, like ours at Traders Loan and Jewelry, a bad reputation, it can be confusing to see exactly how working with pawnbrokers is an overall better way to obtain financing than simply visiting your nearest reputable bank. However, the[…]

Top Reasons to Buy Designer from a Pawnshop

Whatever reasons you might have for trying to hunt down that perfect designer item, there are just as many for starting your hunt at a local pawn shop, like Traders Loan and Jewelry. It Will Cost Less First and foremost, the biggest reason you should be buying your designer items[…]

The 4 C’s of Buying Diamonds

When talking diamonds, there are four C’s every connoisseur knows – cut, color, clarity, and carat. The funny thing is, however, most people believe carat to be the most important of them all. The reality, of course, is that how many carats a diamond is determines its overall weight, not[…]

What Are The Best Items To Pawn For Quick Cash?

If you need quick cash for any reason, you likely don’t have time to search through everything you own to figure out what’s valuable or not. So, to make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best items to pawn when you’re in a tight spot and need a[…]

A Pawn Shop for the Wealthy

Los Angeles is definitely one of the most expensive cities in the country to live. It’s the home of Hollywood and all its greatest stars and personalities, not to mention a wealth of other successful men and women who are just trying to make a name for themselves in a[…]

Buy and Sell Guns at Traders Loan and Jewelry

As a fully licensed and registered firearms dealer who complies with all official regulations and standards, Traders Loan and Jewelry has the authority to buy, sell, and grant loans in exchange for all types of handguns, rifles, and shotguns – so long as they are licensed and registered. This, of[…]

Traders Loan and Jewelry: Pawnbroker for the Ultra-Rich

At Traders Loan and Jewelry, we’re very fortunate, and grateful, to be the oldest and best pawn shop in the San Fernando Valley. Los Angeles is teeming with famous entertainers, athletes, artists, tech moguls, investment traders, and all sorts of other affluent tycoons who’re always looking for their next project[…]

What Do I Need to Know Before I Pawn my Possessions?

Making the decision to pawn an item for any reason can often bring up a lot of good and bad emotions. However, stress should never be one of them. So, to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for your visit to the pawn shop, our helpful staff at Traders Loan[…]

How to Find the Best Deals on Guns Near Me

Despite the fact that Los Angeles is one of the most famous major cities in the country, home to Hollywood, Santa Monica Boulevard, and Venice Beach, hunting remains a very popular sport. And, thanks to the numerous other sanctioned hunting areas just outside the city, residents are free to hunt[…]

Vintage “Pawn Shop” Guitars Are More Popular Than Ever

Between the indie rock scene really taking off as of late and the resurgence of various popular guitar brands and models that have been extinct for decades, it’s safe to say the era of unique, vintage guitars is not only upon us once again, it’s here to stay. Where Did[…]

Is A Pawn Shop Loan A Good Idea For Quick Cash?

Whether you have bad credit and are unable to take out a traditional loan, you’re in the midst of an emergency and can wait for the money you need, or you need investment funds today to take advantage of a limited-time business opportunity, a pawn shop loan can be a[…]

Top 10 Secrets of Pawn Shops

Pawn shops come in all shapes and sizes, from pricey establishments dealing exclusively in unique, high-value collectibles, to humble shops run by locals for locals. That’s why, it’s easy for rumors to spread and for people to often get the wrong idea about what pawn shops are and how they[…]

What You Need to Know About Pawning

Visiting a pawn shop is an experience unlike any other. There is no set inventory, you never know what you’re going to find, and you can even make a little money if you have something interesting to pawn or sell. In fact, pawning items is actually one of the easiest[…]

How Do You Determine An Item’s Worth?

At Traders Loan and Jewelry, we’re always excited to see what you have, but that doesn’t mean everything you have will all be worth the same. So, to help you decide what you should sell/pawn to make the most cash today, we’ve made it easy for you and listed out[…]

Should You Sell Your Item Or Get A Loan?

If you need cash now, a pawn shop, like Traders Loan and Jewelry, is a great place to go. You can clear out your house of a few things you no longer need or use, and make a profit – or use a particularly special item as collateral to obtain[…]

Use a Pawn Shop to Finance Your Business Idea

In 2018, CNBC reported that more and more wealthy people were “using pawn shops to finance their business ideas,” and since then the trend hasn’t slowed down. In fact, it’s actually a pretty ingenious idea that anyone can take advantage of, and below are a few of the best reasons[…]

Office of the Secretary of Defense: Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Recognizes Traders Loan and Jewelry as a Patriotic Employer

For offering outstanding continued support to Senior Airman SrA John Cowart, ANG throughout his devoted service to this country, our own Diane Taylor of Traders Loan and Jewelry has been graciously awarded the Patriot Award. The Patriot Award is a privilege bestowed upon only the most remarkable civilians; people who[…]

How To Win On Valentine’s Day

If you’re in a relationship, the 14th of February can be the most romantic day of your year — or it can be the source of a great deal of stress and disappointment. “Will she like what I get her?” “Will he think it’s too much?” Questions like these have different answers[…]

Its November, and you Know What that Means. It’s Christmas Time!

You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think we are already in the Holiday season! Yes it is already that time of year where retail stores all around have put away the Halloween decorations and are now “decking the halls” with Christmas now just around the corner. Deny it all you[…]

Getting a Loan From a Pawn Shop

In more ways than one, getting a loan from a pawn shop usually defies expectations. People see television shows about pawn stores and may enter into a pawn shop with an idea in their head about how the experience is going to go. But, in reality, most pawn customers are[…]

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Fine Jewelry

Becoming a Successful Collector

  Have you started casually collecting something, but are ready to take your collection to the next level? Quality collections of any kind require interest, attention, research, and a sharp eye, among other attributes. If this sounds appealing, and you want to get started as a collector, be prepared to[…]

Pawn Shops and Their Growing Popularity

With popular television shows on the History Channel and truTV, pawn shops and their growing popularity have seen steady growth.  In fact, according to Emmett Murphy, spokesman for the National Pawnbrokers Association, “We’ve been going through a renaissance in the past few years.” Reflecting today’s tough economic times, the association’s[…]

Never Been to a Pawnshop? Here’s the Pawnshop Lowdown

Need to make some quick cash? If you happen to have an attic, basement, or garage full of things that might have value but are only gathering dust, you should consider heading to a pawnshop. And although you could walk away with money in your pocket, beginners should learn the[…]

Interesting Pawn Shop Facts

Interesting Pawn Shop Facts Forget everything you know about pawn shops, these interesting facts about the industry are what you need to know about the world of pawning your goods and finding treasures. Most Popular The most frequently pawned item is jewelry. The price that you receive for your precious metals are[…]

The Truth About Pawn Shops

Let’s talk about the truth about pawn shops. The real deal. There are plenty of misconceptions about pawn shops, and in all honesty, television programs like Pawn Stars have done a lot of good for the industry. The beauty of pawn shops is the amount of services they offer; if[…]

Christmas in July

Christmas in July? You heard that right. Christmas in July. Mentally pull yourself away from BBQ’s, pool parties and slathering on the sunscreen for just a moment, and think about the fact that in 5 short months, the holiday season will be upon us. And with all the sparkling lights,[…]

What to Buy for Father’s Day

What to buy for Father’s Day? If you are wondering what to get dad for the perfect Father’s Day gift, we have some ideas for you.     Some great items for Father’s Day gift giving: Cameras – more opportunity to capture wonderful memories, and who knows, maybe you’ll be able[…]

Shop for Sparkle and Shine in Studio City

Are you ready to shop for Sparkle and Shine in Studio City? Look no further. Whether you are looking for a local family owned jewelry or pawn shop for a watch, gem or jewel purchase – or want to sell a bauble that just doesn’t tickle your fancy anymore- Traders Loan[…]

Shop the Spring “Out of Pawn” Sale on May 1st.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Are you ready to spoil her? Traders Loan and Jewelry is hosting a super savings Spring “Out of Pawn” Sale on Sunday May 1st, 2016  from 11am to 4pm. Hundreds of out of pawn and new items will be available to purchase at[…]

Need Quick Cash in North Hollywood?

If you Need Quick Cash in North Hollywood, Traders Loan and Jewelry is here for pawn loans, or to buy your gold, six days a week. Whether you come in regularly, or it’s your first visit, the staff at Traders has the expertise and knowledge you are looking for. If you are[…]

In Sherman Oaks and Want to Sell Your Gold?

In Sherman Oaks and want to sell your gold? It couldn’t be easier! Traders Loan and Jewelry has the service, dependability, expertise and experience to make your transaction a simple success. With over 60 years serving the San Fernando Valley, Traders is the place to go for pawn loans- whether[…]

Need a Short Term Loan in Woodland Hills?

In need of a short term loan in Woodland Hills? Traders can help. If you are unfamiliar with how it works, pawning an item is a great option for people who don’t have a bank account,  have bad credit, don’t want to pay traditional bank loan fees, or can’t get a[…]

Sell Spring Cleaning Finds in The San Fernando Valley

Ready, set, refresh. It’s almost time to get your spring cleaning going!  With the arrival of spring comes the need for a refresh- whether it’s a new haircut, new clothes, or crisp, new cash; it’s all about new beginnings.  So remember when the urge to purge rolls around, you can sell[…]

What Can I Buy, Sell and Trade at Reseda Pawn Shops?

Asking yourself, what can I buy, sell and trade at Reseda pawn shops? You may be wondering how to get out of the post-holiday financial slump. The holidays can be hard, on you, and your wallet.  Lots of your time spent shopping for the ideal gift, and the stress of racking up[…]

Can I Get a Business Loan at a Woodland Hills Pawn Shop?

Are you wondering, how can I get a business loan at a Woodland Hills pawn shop? A Woodland Hills area pawn shop like Traders Loan and Jewelry might be just the solution that your business needs. Turning a great idea into a successful product or service can sometimes rely on[…]

What Jewelry Services are at a Chatsworth Pawn Shop?

Here at Traders, we have the finest jewelry services of any Chatsworth area pawn shop.  We can offer a number of repair options.  Sizing, repair, and resetting of stones are all on the list of how we can get your ring back to its sparkling best. Your necklaces will be good[…]

Should I Buy a Laptop from a Tarzana Pawn Shop?

Buying a new-to-you laptop is a difficult task.  Is a Tarzana pawn shop the right place to spend your money?  The answer is yes, but why?  What are your other options for purchasing a second hand laptop?  There are sites online, but you won’t be able to inspect the item[…]

Do You Get More Money Selling Or Pawning at a Van Nuys Pawn Shop?

Do you get more cash for selling an item or using it as collateral for a loan at a Van Nuys pawn shop?   Every item that is inspected at a pawn shop is evaluated for it’s resale value and part of that evaluation is the time spent before it[…]

Is it Cheaper to Buy Items at a Reseda Pawn Shop?

Everyone loves a good bargain whether its for yourself, a gift or something for work or school.   So the question is, are Reseda Pawn Shops cheaper than other options?  Here at Traders, we can offer better prices than anywhere else! Going to the mall or other large retail stores[…]

Why Do Pawn Shops Buy Gold in Woodland Hills?

Why is selling your gold to a Woodland Hills area pawn shop such a good deal for both of you?  Gold has a specific value that is easy for our experts here at Traders Jewelry and Loan to determine.  There is very little risk involved, so we can feel safe[…]

Do Encino Pawn Shops Buy Cubic Zirconia?

Traders Jewelry and Loan is happy to purchase a wide array of fine jewelry as the best Pawn Shop in the Encino area. Occasionally, someone will ask if they can pawn a piece made with cubic zirconia.  Even worse is when someone actually tries to pawn or sell cubic zirconia,[…]

How Safe Are Chatsworth Area Pawn Shops?

Are pawn shops safe?  The answer is OF COURSE!  Here at Traders, we keep your items safe and secure. Chatsworth area pawn shops these days work very closely with local law enforcement agencies to keep criminals and their stolen merchandise out of their stores in the first place. In order[…]

Best Items to Bring to Van Nuys Pawn Shops

Trader’s Loan and Jewelry specializes in the financial options you need to put fast cash in your pocket within minutes!   If you’re in the Van Nuys area, take a look at this list of the best items to bring to a pawn shop to sell or use as collateral for[…]

Reseda/Tarzana Pawn shops – Finding a place you can trust

If you’re looking for cash now in the Reseda/Tarzana area, Trader’s Loan and Jewelry has been helping people for over 60 years by giving fast, confidential loans based on collateral, not a person’s credit history.  This is why we are sometimes referred to as the People’s Bank.  Our highly trained[…]

I need $1000 immediately. What do I do?

We have all faced some tough financial times in our lives and we know that sometimes it can feel a little embarrassing to reach out to friends and family for assistance. If you are anything like me, you don’t want to share the burden with your loved ones. We, at[…]

Instant Cash at your Fingertips

Really… that mortgage bill is due AGAIN?! Do these people think we are all made out of money? Well, we are! All we need to do is take a look around at all of our prized possessions. Most of the things that we own and love are worth something great[…]

What can you pawn at a pawn shop?

Have you ever been in a bind and needed a way to obtain some quick cash without doing anything too illegal? Good thing for you, pawn shops exist for this very reason. Pawn shops accept a wide range of products and you can cash in on the “equity” of your[…]

Are all San Fernando Valley Pawnshops created equal?

When it comes to pawnshops in the San Fernando Valley, there are plenty of options.  Most of the time, you’ll find yourself choosing purely based on location.  Which one is closest?  That one by default is the best one. But think again!   If you really want to evaluate the[…]

Reseda Short Term Loans? Traders is your best bet.

It happens.  Sometimes you need some extra cash.  An unexpected car repair, medical bill, or a broken pipe can send anyone scrambling for some short term cash to get them through a temporary situation.  But where to get it?  Banks are no help with small loans, and those check cashing[…]

New and pre-owned jewelry at a fraction of retail

Traders Loan and Jewelry has a unique selection of high quality watches, precious gems, wedding bands and other stunning jewelry at a fraction of retail. Many people don’t realize that Traders Loan and Jewelry is also a jewelry store specializing in high end, brand new jewelry. Not everything in our[…]

Pawn FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers we get in the pawn business. I thought this would be a helpful resource for you. How quickly can  I get a loan? We can usually give you money instantly. We will appraise your item on site and when[…]

What you need to know before you visit a pawn shop

Never been to a pawnshop? Thinking about making your first visit? You’re not alone. The poor economy has many people considering pawning items to provide short-term solutions. We’re seeing more and more people who’ve never seen the inside of a pawn shop walk through our door at Traders Loan and[…]

Should small businesses get a loan from a pawn shop?

It’s often difficult for entrepreneurial business owners to get a small business loan from a bank. This, in part, prevents the economy from growing and keeps us in a slow recovery. Many small business owners rely on credit cards to finance their business, which is an unsafe strategy. More and[…]

Legends of the sign

There is more than one legend of how pawnshops’ trademark symbol of the three balls came about. The first is probably the most popular. The trademark symbol of pawnshops’ three balls was established in the second decade of the 19th century by the Medici families in Italy and the Lombards[…]

Pawn shops are important to your community

Did you know that about 30% (source: NPA) of households in the United States [or millions of households] don’t have a bank account? That number is on the rise as more people look for alternative ways to get cash. A couple of reasons people don’t have bank accounts are: They don’t[…]

Where did pawning originate?

Ask many different people about the origination of pawning and you’ll probably get many different answers; each with a variation of truth. Most will agree that they really don’t know for sure how pawn shops got started but the act of lending money by collateralizing personal possessions can be traced[…]

The history of pawn shops

In the United States, the number of pawn shops grew exponentially because of the vast growth of the domestic manufacturing sector, which mostly paid their workforce low wages. Pawn shops because essential for those workers because they helped form a crucial bridge between paydays and loaning cash for basic necessities[…]