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Before You Take Out a Payday Loan – Stop into Traders Loan and Jewelry

Before You Take Out a Payday Loan – Stop into Traders Loan and Jewelry

Before You Take Out a Payday Loan – Stop into Traders Loan and Jewelry
Looking for fast cash but don’t want to deal with the long-term consequences? A payday loan is the last option you should consider. Sure the fact that you don’t need to pass a credit check is great, but the trade off is extremely high interest rates – like up to 800% high. Plus you’ll more often than not end up dealing with additional fees on top of that. Your best bet is simply to not even bother, but then where do you go? The answer: Traders Loan and Jewelry! Here’s why:

No Credit Check

Financing with our pawnbrokers is the happy medium between financing through a traditional bank and a payday lender. With us, you can get all the perks of receiving fast cash without needing a credit check or any in-depth approval processes, just like a tempting payday loan, except with all the protection and security of financing through a reputable lending institution. Better still, unlike either, we never come after those who simply cannot afford to pay.  

Reasonable Interest

While most people think pawn shops and payday lenders offer similar financial arrangements, particularly concerning interest rates, the truth is not what you might expect. In reality, pawn shops are actually limited by the government in how much interest can be charged. This means, licensed pawnbrokers in California aren’t even allowed to charge more than 2.5% interest. With interest rates determined by authorities far above those negotiating your deal, this means you as the consumer are never taken advantage of. 

No Risk

Of course, the biggest drawbacks of trusting anyone enough to ask for money are the anticipated consequences. With payday lenders, interest and fees pile up until you’re unable to pay, and then what? You’re stuck in an endless cycle of owing someone else and never being able to catch up. At Traders Loan and Jewelry, however, all our financing is collateral-based, which means the only possible risk you face is forfeiting your collateral – and even then our pawnbrokers will almost always help you renegotiate so you can have every chance of taking your asset home again. Our only ambition is to help you as best we can so that you trust us enough to want to come back again and again!

Ready to get your cash fast, without all the same hassles and drawbacks of getting a payday loan? Stop into Traders Loan and Jewelry today and let our pawnbrokers help you get exactly what you need! To get your pawning adventure started, come visit us today at 18505 Sherman Way Reseda, CA 91335, call 818.345.8696 , or simply fill out the form on our contact page if you have any questions.