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The Best Things to Pawn to Earn the Most Money

The Best Things to Pawn to Earn the Most Money

The Best Things to Pawn to Earn the Most Money

Want to earn the most money the next time you’re looking to pawn something? Our list below can tell you all the most profitable items to part with first!

Jewelry/ Watches

From precious metals, to precious gemstones, people are willing to spend incredible amounts of money on watches and jewelry thanks to the materials and craftsmanship used to create them – and the more rare the better! While an old gold locket, outdated engagement ring, tennis bracelet, antique broach, or unworn Rolex might not seem super impressive to you, the truth is you could be just sitting on thousands of dollars worth of gold, gems, and desirably crafted timepieces.

Electronic/Smart Devices

Older or outdated laptops, tablets, video games, gaming consoles/accessories, and other prized electronics and devices are always in demand. Everyone is always looking for a better deal on older computer models. Meanwhile, frugal parents are always looking for better deals on laptops, games/consoles, and more to support and entertain their kids.


In case you didn’t know, firearms hold onto their value better than just about any other items you could pawn – and they don’t even have to be new. Often times you’ll get more for a antique gun that’s beautifully preserved over a brand new model from the most popular brand so long as you choose the right pawn shop.

Skill Development Equipment

Getting rid of some old equipment from a beloved sport or hobby? Bring it here! Sporting goods, musical instruments, and other tools and equipment that can be used to enhance a person’s skills in any specific subject are extremely popular for most pawn shops because, as we said before, parents who have kids with diverse interests and talents are always looking to save some money!

Power Tools

No longer care to keep track of tools you don’t use? Make some money off of them instead by bringing them to the pawn shop. Some of the most popular brands you’ll likely earn more for include Milwaukee, DeWalt, and Bosch. Just remember if you want to make the most money you stick to desirable/valuable power tools and full sets of things, not just random wrenches and screwdrivers you find but can’t find appropriate homes for.

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