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Instant Cash at your Fingertips

Really… that mortgage bill is due AGAIN?! Do these people think we are all made out of money? Well, we are! All we need to do is take a look around at all of our prized possessions. Most of the things that we own and love are worth something great and can assist us in getting past any financial hump we’ve stumbled upon. How, you ask? The answer is quite simple actually, so let’s get to the point.


Pawning an item is a wonderful option for someone in need of instant cash. Grab one of those prized items you own, whether it is gold, diamonds, electronics or tools and bring it by Traders Loan and Jewelry for a free appraisal. Our core business here at Traders is loaning money on your collateral. You will never have to worry about your credit score or lack of a bank account, the loan is strictly based on the item brought in, NOT the individual. Put simply, we offer cash for your valued collateral. Bring us an item of value and upon approval, we’ll get you your money in an instant. The best part is that once you have paid back the loan, you get your items back. Everyone is happy!


So, what have we learned here today? We have learned that Traders Loan and Jewelry is your one stop shop for instant cash. We offer cash on basically anything that carries value and we take great care of your items until you are able to reclaim them. Traders will help you sail through your financial troubles without any additional hassle. We know how stressful it is in the real world and we want nothing more than to ease the burden.


Take some time to stop in for that free appraisal, we can’t wait to meet you!