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What can you pawn at a pawn shop?

Have you ever been in a bind and needed a way to obtain some quick cash without doing anything too illegal? Good thing for you, pawn shops exist for this very reason. Pawn shops accept a wide range of products and you can cash in on the “equity” of your product in a pinch.


Pawn shops are amazing because they typically don’t deal with any one set type of merchandise. They are able to find value in most items that are well taken care of. With this being said, let’s delve into some products that you can pawn.

Jewelry is a big hit and an obvious choice to make some quick cash. Jewelry does not come in one shape or size and a lot of value can be found in rare, high quality pieces. Gold jewelry is generally more valuable than silver jewelry and honestly, there is no set price that you can receive for jewelry. To receive the maximum value on your goods, make sure they are polished and in good condition. Dazzle the pawn broker with its beauty.


Current and in demand electronics are very popular at pawn shops. Electronics include game consoles, laptops, tablets, mp3 players, DVD players and digital cameras. It goes without saying that the items should be in working condition so the pawn brokers can see the value in the items.

Power tools also have a top spot on the list of popular items that you can pawn. Brand new power tools are expensive to buy in retail stores, so you can expect to hold good equity on brand name power tools that are in good condition.


Enjoy music? That’s a silly question, who doesn’t?! Musical instruments are valuable items to take to a pawn shop. Guitars are generally the most popular items in this category and are highly sought after by collectors. Has your child outgrown their role in their middle school marching band? Bring in their instrument and avoid all the dust it is sure to collect in your garage.

These are just a few of the things that you can pawn at a pawn shop. So, do you have any of these things lying around, taking up space and collecting dust? Bring them over to Traders Loan and Jewelry and let us appraise them for you. You will get some extra cash in your pocket and we will take great care of your valuable goods.