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Why Do Pawn Shops Buy Gold in Woodland Hills?

Why is selling your gold to a Woodland Hills area pawn shop such a good deal for both of you?  Gold has a specific value that is easy for our experts here at Traders Jewelry and Loan to determine.  There is very little risk involved, so we can feel safe offering you a great price for your gold, knowing that we are unlikely to lose money when reselling.  The value of gold is determined on a global scale on the gold open market so there is a generally agreed upon value for each ounce.  Gold is one of the best items to bring into a pawn shop to sell or as collateral for a loan.

At Traders Loan and Jewelry, we have three ways to resell your gold items, which means we can offer you more cash value.  At the very least, we can melt it down and sell the gold for it’s raw value.  This is the least profitable method, but a reliable one.  The second way we can sell your gold is to refinish the jewelry piece itself and resell it once it is in peak condition again.  Our customers can then purchase gently used jewelry at significant savings versus a retail jewelry store.  The third way we can sell your gold is to use the gold and gems to create new custom pieces for sale.  Our flexibility in how we sell your gold means we can accept a smaller profit margin and afford to give you more cash in hand.  Come on into Traders Jewelry and Loan, the very best Woodland Hills area Pawn Shop, and find out how we can give you the greatest value for your gold.