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What to Look for When Picking Out High-Quality Watch

What to Look for When Picking Out a High-Quality Watch

What to Look for When Picking Out High-Quality Watch

If you have an affinity for the finer things in life, picking out a new, high-quality watch can be quite the challenge. You need something that suits your personality, but also something that’s going to last, and many watches made today are manufactured in mass using cheap materials to meet increasing demands. However, if you want an authentic piece worthy of the days when watches were a direct sign of wealth and prestige, Traders Loan and Jewelry is here to help you. Just follow our tips below, and we’ll help you find a watch that’s truly timeless!

Discover Your Watches Origin

If you’re interested in a particularly interesting looking watch, don’t be afraid to look into its origin. Where a watch comes from (which can usually found on the dial) can be a huge testament to its quality. Watches manufactures in China, for instance, will likely not hold the same standards of excellence as those made in Japan, Germany, or Switzerland.

Watch Backs & Casings

The higher the quality of the materials used to make a watch, the higher quality the watch itself. Your most valuable watches, for instance, are those made of pure gold or silver. However, gold is a much softer metal than stainless steel, so if you’re looking for quality in terms of value and strength/durability, stainless steel is the best choice. They’re also quite rare as well. Following these are watches made of regular metals but plated with gold or silver, which offer a higher initial value but a potential for loss of value as time goes on and the plated metal is rubbed off. Plain metal watches are next in quality, with watches made of plastic coming in dead last. To tell if a watch is made with any precious metals, examine the watches case for some sort of insignia or inscription. All quality watches made with precious metals have them, and it will be a dead giveaway of the quality of the piece.

Glass Quality

While you might think all watches are made with the same glass faces, or that all glass in general is the same, you might be surprised to learn that is simply not true. Watches can be made with mineral glass, sapphire glass, or plexiglass – and each has something different to offer. The cheapest watches, for instance, often use plexiglass, which is actually a type of hard plastic that scratches easily. The next tier up you’ll find watches made with mineral glass, which is a type of hard glass popular for it’s scratch resistance. The highest quality glass, however, the one you want if you’re looking for the best, is sapphire glass. It’s made of pure crystal and almost as hard as diamond itself, meaning it’s almost impossible to scratch or damage. How can you tell which is which? Easy! Do a kiss test. Higher quality glass will feel colder on your lips than plexiglass. Or, place a droplet of water on the watches face, if it spreads out flat it’s likely plexiglass, if it maintains its dewdrop shape, it’s probably sapphire glass.

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