There is No Coin Shortage at Traders Loan & Jewelry

Lately everywhere you go all you hear is people talking about the impacts of everything that’s happened the past year, including news of mysterious coin shortages everywhere. We’re not sure why that’s the rumor though because here at Traders Loan and Jewelry, our inventory of authentic gold and silver coins[…]

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Finding The Best Deals On Guns Near Me

Excited to look for great deals on guns near you? Traders Loan and Jewelry can help you find the best! Browse Online Shopping online is likely the most convenient way to browse all the local guns for sale near you and see what catches your eye because you don’t even[…]

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New Gun Restrictions in California in 2020

While most would definitely admit to hating it, one of the most important things gun owners are required to do is keep up with all the different gun laws and restrictions that are passed in California. Doing so ensures legal protections for lawful citizens and arms owners, and greater safety[…]

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