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Eco-Friendly Shopping In The San Fernando Valley

Did you know that the US is the #1 trash-producing country in the world? Each person produces about 1600 pounds of garbage per year. Aside from other trash, Americans dispose of many items that can be reused. What if you could get paid to recycle? Laptops, tools, luxury items – these are items that can have new life. 

Carbon-conscious consumers Traders Loan and Jewelry is the place to shop for pre-owned electronics, jewelry, and luxury items. Selling these items to a pawn shop not only puts cash in your pocket but keeps these items out of landfills. 


Why buying pre-owned is more eco friendly

Billions of electronics and other items are manufactured every year in the US. This contributes to carbon emissions and water pollution. When you purchase pre-owned, this lessens the demand for new products, thus decreasing pollution. 


Take care of your items 

Adhering to proper care instructions for your luxury items is vital to shopping sustainably. The better care you take of your items the longer you can enjoy your items. If you take care of your bag, shoes, belt, or other luxury item and want to purchase something different, you can sell it to a Pawn Shop and continue the life cycle of the product. The better condition your item is in the more valuable the item will be on the resale side. This will give you an even better opportunity to purchase something new to you and allow someone else to bring new life to a preowned product. 


Get paid to recycle at Traders Jewelry and Loan

Most consumers understand that throwaway retail culture depletes natural resources and overfills landfills. Pawnshops, by contrast, offer a solution that not only reduces the consumer’s carbon footprint by avoiding throwing their items away but also helps put cash in their pocket. Pawnshops will pay top dollar for pre-owned merchandise like electronics, tools and equipment, jewelry, designer watches, luxury handbags, and other items of value. Selling items to the trusted team at Traders is quicker and more straightforward than the hassle and risk of selling the item online.

The bottom line – buying pre-owned rather than new can help save the planet! Get paid to recycle!