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Do Encino Pawn Shops Buy Cubic Zirconia?

Traders Jewelry and Loan is happy to purchase a wide array of fine jewelry as the best Pawn Shop in the Encino area. Occasionally, someone will ask if they can pawn a piece made with cubic zirconia.  Even worse is when someone actually tries to pawn or sell cubic zirconia, thinking its a real diamond.  Our experts have an array of tests to determine an item’s worth and we are always disappointed to have to tell a customer that their piece is not the real deal.  Cubic zirconia is an almost worthless stone which is very rarely set into gold or other valuable metals.  Unless the setting itself has a value, cubic zirconia jewelry will not be accepted by any Encino Pawn Shop.

Since cubic zirconia has very little intrinsic value, there is little gain in trying to resell a piece, even online.  You can attempt Craigslist or local sale, but don’t expect much.  Even a very nice looking ring or necklace will be unlikely to fetch more than $20.  Bring your precious stones, gold and other valuable metals to Traders Jewelry and Loan, the best Pawn Shop in the Encino area, and leave your cubic zirconia at home.