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Why Pawn Shop Prices For the Same Items Vary?

Why Pawn Shop Prices For the Same Items Vary?

Why Pawn Shop Prices For the Same Items Vary?
We’ve said it many times and we’ll never stop: every pawn shop is unique – and that includes the way things are priced, pawned, and purchased.

Why Do Pawn Shop Prices Vary So Much?

It really all has to do with overall experience and item knowledge. Say, for instance, you have a antique diamond ring that was passed down to you from generations passed, very valuable in both price and sentiment. Now imagine you walk into a pawn shop that’s filled with the usual assortment of electronics and collectibles, and big glass cases filled with every sort of gun you can imagine, but their jewelry selection is very limited. If you try to sell or pawn the ring there, you likely won’t get the best, or in some cases even a fair, offer compared to another pawn shop that specializes in gold and jewelry sales.

What Items Are Most & Least Likely To Be Affected By Price Disparities?

In a comprehensive study using 38,000 sample transactions across a well-known pawning platform, the discrepancies between specific items’ offers were unmistakable. All around, some of the safest items to pawn, meaning things that will almost always be valued the same from pawn shop to pawn shop, ended up being popular brand name electronics. Apple products, gaming consoles, GoPros, tablets, and stereos will typically all have the same value no matter where you go because the market values of such items are widely known. It’s when items that require a little more expertise pop up that prices really start to vary. Laptops, watches, jewelry, computer monitors, rare sports memorabilia, musical instruments, and designer handbags, can often face price disproportions of anywhere from 100% – 275% depending on what pawn shops you visit – which is precisely why making sure you always do your research and choose pawnbrokers who are vastly knowledgeable in a variety of products and brands is so important if you always want to get the best value!

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