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Pawn Shops and Their Growing Popularity

untitled-design-8With popular television shows on the History Channel and truTV, pawn shops and their growing popularity have seen steady growth.  In fact, according to Emmett Murphy, spokesman for the National Pawnbrokers Association, “We’ve been going through a renaissance in the past few years.” Reflecting today’s tough economic times, the association’s 2,000 members now loan an average of $150 a customer, up from $85 in 2009.

A pawnshop, owned and operated by a pawnbroker, makes secured loans on personal property that customers leave as collateral. While items such as jewelry, gold, and other precious metals and coins are probably the most popular item bought, sold and/or loaned at a pawn shop, pawnbrokers also offer a wide variety of pawned items such as clocks, computers, art, electronics and other collectibles.

When a pawned item is not redeemed by the pawner, brokers are required to notify the customer that the loan period has expired and give the customer the final opportunity to redeem the property. Once expired, the broker has the right to sell the item. (It is important  to keep track of your pawn ticket to ensure you return in time.)

Whether someone is in need of quick cash, selling gold, pawning jewelry, or finding great bargains on any type of item, a pawn store is the place to go.

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