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Reseda Short Term Loans? Traders is your best bet.

It happens.  Sometimes you need some extra cash.  An unexpected car repair, medical bill, or a broken pipe can send anyone scrambling for some short term cash to get them through a temporary situation.  But where to get it?  Banks are no help with small loans, and those check cashing places have crazy interest rates.

Traders Loan and Jewelry – a Reseda pawnbroker since 1954 – really provides the best deal in terms of short term loans anywhere in Los Angeles.  Secured loans – where you bring in something of value and take a loan against it – allow Traders Loan and Jewelry to keep interests rates as low as possible.  How low?  How about 2%?

So how does it work?  Glad you asked:

  • Bring in your item of value to our store in Reseda.  Computers, musical instruments, jewelry, coins – very nearly anything of value.
  • We give you an honest estimate of its value.  We’ll then tell you what we are willing to loan you for that item.
  • We’ll put together the paperwork in a matter of minutes.
  • You sign, leave your item, and take your money and go!

At 2%, we are beating just about any other means of getting a short term loan.  It’s safe, simple and best of all – you can take us much time as you like to pay back the loan.  Just pay the interest portion monthly, and we’ll keep your property safe.

Questions?  Don’t hesitate to contact us.  If you need a short term loan in Reseda, look no further.  Traders Loan and Jewelry has got you covered.

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