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Can I Get a Business Loan at a Woodland Hills Pawn Shop?

Traders Loan Approved

Are you wondering, how can I get a business loan at a Woodland Hills pawn shop?

A Woodland Hills area pawn shop like Traders Loan and Jewelry might be just the solution that your business needs. Turning a great idea into a successful product or service can sometimes rely on the ability to get a small business loan. Qualifying for bank loans can be difficult and perhaps time consuming, as your business must show past profitability as well as a business plan outlining future profits. If you don’t have a good credit score, this makes your chances of success even slimmer.

Historically, Woodland Hills pawnshops have provided loans to individuals, but here at Traders, we specialize in assisting small business owners facing the same difficulties. Just as an individual would obtain a collateral loan, a business owner can bring in a valuable item to be assessed and the loan will be based on a portion of the item’s value. This type of loan is a smart decision for a business for a number of reasons. The lending decision is made on the spot with minimal paperwork rather than weeks of waiting time. Loans are made solely on the value of the item, not credit history or intended use, meaning large loans are always an option.  This means you get a Business Loan at your local Woodland Hills Pawn Shop. Credit checks are not needed and defaulting on the loan will not affect your credit score. Here at Traders, we have the tools to get your business the cash you need!