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Pawn FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers we get in the pawn business. I thought this would be a helpful resource for you.

How quickly can  I get a loan?

We can usually give you money instantly. We will appraise your item on site and when we’ve come to an agreement on the value of your collateral and the amount of the loan, it takes a few minutes to complete the transaction and you’re on your way.

What kind of items can I pawn at your store?

We will loan on almost anything of value; anything from rings, to coins, to musical instruments and more. The most popular items pawned, however, tend to be jewelry, gold, diamonds and high-grade watches. If you’re unsure if we’d loan on something, it’s best to bring it in to us so we can appraise it.

How much can I get for my item(s)?

We always loan the highest amount possible based on certain variables in regard to your item. For instance, diamonds are appraised on the karat, cut, color and clarity. Gold appraisal is based on the current price of gold at time of appraisal along with size and amount of gold. There is never any charge for evaluating your item so it never hurts to bring it in. The amount of the loan is a percentage of the value we feel your item would bring if we sold it.

What happens if I can’t repay my loan within four months?

Your initial four-month loan can be re-written by paying the interest due on the loan. It’s always best to talk to us if you’re having trouble repaying the loan so we can discuss alternatives. Or you can pay the principal and interest and pick up your loan anytime.

Do most people who pawn their items, lose their items?

More than 95% of people who pawn their items at Traders, reclaim their items. We’re in the business of making loans, not collecting merchandise. We enjoy helping people through anything like a rough patch, expand their business or take a vacation they’ve always wanted. We enjoy long-term relationships with our customers and we like to work with them for the best possible outcome.

I already have a pawn loan from Traders Loan and Jewelry. Can I have more than one?

Absolutely! You can take out as many loans as you need. Even if you decided that you couldn’t repay a current loan you have with us, you can still get another loan.

I have inherited some items I think may be of value. Can you tell me what it’s worth?

Yes, you must bring your items in for us to evaluate. Items like jewelry, gold and high-grade watches, musical instruments, cameras, laptops, antiques, etc.; we can easily appraise for you.

Does Traders Loan and Jewelry sell or pawn guns?

We do not sell or pawn any firearms.

Is my information kept confidential should I decide to make a pawn transaction with Traders Loan and Jewelry?

Absolutely! We are regulated by the same laws that banks are. State and Federal laws regulate the privacy of all transactions; plus we have procedures in place to make sure your information remains safe. The only information we give out is to local law enforcement on all transactions to protect against stolen items.

Can I sell you an item outright?

Yes. You can bring us any unwanted item, we’ll appraise it and make you an offer to purchase your item.