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Sell Spring Cleaning Finds in The San Fernando Valley

Sell Spring Cleaning Finds in The San Fernando ValleyReady, set, refresh. It’s almost time to get your spring cleaning going! 

With the arrival of spring comes the need for a refresh- whether it’s a new haircut, new clothes, or crisp, new cash; it’s all about new beginnings.  So remember when the urge to purge rolls around, you can sell spring cleaning finds in the San Fernando Valley, at Traders Loan and Jewelry.

After cleaning out the closets, and emptying the drawers, bring in your well cared for, but unneeded, items to Traders Traders Loan and Jewelry – the oldest and best pawn shop, serving the area since 1954.

Wondering what you can sell or trade? You can haul in the gold bracelet Grandma used to wear that never really synched with your style, or the earrings that what’s-his-name gave you a few years back before you broke up, you can sell or trade your jewelry at Traders then find something that better suits your style.

Don’t want to shop around? Don’t worry. Traders has a huge selection of jewelry including, high-grade watches, precious gems, even engagement rings. Stunning finds at a fraction of the price.

Whether you are looking for a pawn loan, quick cash or want to sell gold you just don’t wear anymore, Traders is the place to get your lion’s share for spring.