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Pawn shops are important to your community

Did you know that about 30% (source: NPA) of households in the United States [or millions of households] don’t have a bank account? That number is on the rise as more people look for alternative ways to get cash.

A couple of reasons people don’t have bank accounts are:

  • They don’t have enough money to open and fund one.
  • Free checking is unavailable.
  • Fees, like overdraft, are too high.
  • Bad or no credit.
  • Don’t trust banks.

Many people are looking at other, less traditional, options of getting the cash they need; like pawn shops.

Because millions of people don’t have relationships with banks, it’s almost impossible to get any kind of loan. Pawn shops are a great alternative to fill that gap to help people get their hands on cash quickly.

People from all economic backgrounds use pawn shops for short-term loans including celebrities, sports figures, small business owners and politicians.

Pawn shops are an excellent source for quick cash.